Monday, June 9, 2008

Thanks for the tag Patty

Patty tagged me a couple of days ago. Thanks Patty. Patty's blog can be seen here When you're tagged you post to your blog with the answers to some questions! Here are mine.
1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I lived in a tiny village in rural Derbyshire, England called Parwich. My daughter was just 2 years old and a total delight (don't tell her, but she still is!). I worked full time for my husband and although I didn't appreciate it at the time, life was good! (mind you, it still is!).
2. 5 Things on today's 'to do' list. I struggled with this one. I do have a 'to do' list but my mum would be very disappointed with me .... because I don't take much notice of it. So for what it's worth, this is my list ... whether or not it gets done is a totally different story! 1. Strip the beds and wash all the bedding. 2. Plant out the Impatiens (or busy Lizzies as they're called in England) that's been on my 'to do' list for over a week now ~ tee hee! 3. Clean the kitchen (YUK) 4. Pay the mid-month bills (double-YUK) 5. Take Molly for a longer walk today because she didn't sleep last night (she's my dog, not my child!).
3. Snacks that I enjoy. I thought this was a joke at first ... of course ANYTHING WITH CALORIES. That's why I'm a big girl. But if I had to narrow it down it would be Cadbury's Galaxy chocolate bar, or minstrels which is the same Galaxy chocolate but with a hard candy shell (you can't get them easily in America, yes, they're from England!) Fish & Chips that my dad makes ... the best in the world and I suppose that's not a snack but I LOVE THEM.
4. Things that I would do if I were a millionaire. I don't want to say anything that would appear shallow. But I am shallow so I'll say it anyway ... go on a huge shopping spree and just buy whatever I fancied!!! See, told you I was shallow and then I'd share the rest with my family and friends ... leaving just enough for me not to have to worry about money ever again. I'd have to have more than one million though!!! I think I'd also throw myself a big birthday party and fly all my family and friends over from England. Anyone who knows what happened this w/end will know why I want a big party!!! LOL!
5. Places I have lived. I was born in Liverpool, England. Lived in Heswall, Cheshire until I was about 7 I think. Then we moved to the North and I lived in Lanchester, County Durham followed by Suffolk then London, then Reading, then Derby, then Parwich and finally we emmigrated to the good old USA and now it's Farmington Hills MI.

Phew, hope you managed to trawl through all of that, and now you know a little bit more about me!

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Lorien Clark said...

I just wanted to say your blog is beautiful! I see Veronica did it. I may have to contact her. Can I come to your big birthday party when you are a millionaire?