Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grad Cap

I've had quite a few questions asking how I made my owl grad cap. Here are a couple of pics to show you.

You will need a Pennant Builder Punch and a 3/4" Circle Punch. Punch out the straight edge triangle from the Pennant Punch and mark a centre-point on all sides. Punch the circle and trim a crescent shape from the bottom. See pic below for guidance.
Now glue the cap top onto the circle and your grad cap will look like this!
I usually add it to the card on a dimensional for more visual effect. If you add wings to your owl, he looks like he's tossing the cap into the air. Of course, this cap would look great with a tassel. I couldn't find one small enough and couldn't make one to look good, so I left it blank. Either way, it's a great way to add a cap to your owl.


Kaye said...

Thank you...almost had it, but yours is much better!

Jayne Stenstrom said...

Squeee!!! This is just too cute, Emma! I'm going to keep these instructions for further reference.