Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video Tutorial

Morning! I'm excited today ... I managed to FINALLY make a video tutorial on YouTube. It shows you how to make cardstock buttons! Roy and Sarah watched it last night and laughed ... I say 'urm' a lot ~ but I promise to keep trying and I'll get better in time. I'd love some feedback!


Heide said...

Bravo Emma!

Looks great makes me want to make the buttons.
You do say um a lot, it will get better as you get use to making the videos.

Debra said...

GREAT tutorial Em! You did a knock out job! I need to make buttons too.

Laura said...

Great job, Emma! Thanks for the warning on the Multi. You know I learned that lesson the hardway. Ick! This just a fabulous job. I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Emma. You practice what you preach, always pressing forward to try something new.

You're very good at covering all contingencies with a task/project, and adding other useful tips. That's why I always pick your brain when I have a question.

Contrasting the background paper versus the project might be something to consider in future tutorials to help with visualization.

Dawn Marie said...

Emma, wonderful job! I have watched alot of videos, and you arent the only one that says um alot! Its just habit I guess, but I hadnt noticed, really!LOL
I love your videos and cant wait for more!!!TFS