Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I've been wanting to show you these projects for a few weeks now ... but they're my mum's Christmas Gifts and I know she checks my blog regularly so didn't want to spoil her surprise! She did call me this morning to say thank you though, so I know I'm safe to share them with you all today!!!

The Rooster is going to be a Level 2 Hostess set in the upcoming Spring/Summer '09 catalogue. Isn't he lovely? A friend of mine saw the set the other day and didn't know why anyone would want a rooster set (sorry Justyna!!!) but I think he's such a handsome thing!!!

Anyway, mum's projects were a notecard set in their own folder, a 2009 CD Calendar with a tear-away piece for each month of the year, a smaller fridge magnet calendar made from chipboard and a notebook with mum's initial on it. When I was younger I couldn't imagine why anyone would want a homemade gift instead of something bought in a shop, but mum kept telling me that what she really, really wanted was something that didn't cost money, but was made with love ~ and now I'm older, I get it at last!

Merry Christmas Mum!

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