Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baseball Fan?

I put together another baseball card for a friend at work. The challenge was "make a baseball themed card for a young man's birthday".

I am always frightened by masculine cards, no frilly, frou-frou bits, no girlie colours. Yikes! So add baseball onto that and I'm pretty much completely out of my comfort zone. Those who know me, know I don't do sports, not English sports and certainly not American sports. I don't get that whole "thing" ... so you see my challenge. So after googling images of baseballs and bats, I came up with this. For a non-sporting, non-masculine card maker, I think I did OK!

I wanted to personalise this one for Conner so added the C. The ball and the bat are pretty self explanatory. I free-hand drew the bat and but it out to make a template. Then I used the woodgrain background stamp to make it 'woody' and my dear friend and fellow demo Yvonne Newborn suggested I use Crystal Effects to make the wood shine. GENIUS! Thanks, Yvonne. After the monogram and the sports equipment I was a little lost, but suddenly thought of tickets to the game and a greeting. Love how this turned out. I hope he liked it too ....


Heide said...

Very impressed with the freehand bat. Great card.

Debra Daam said...

Fantastic. I am sure he thought so too.