Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarah's Puppy

I haven't felt creative for a few weeks. My sweet daughter lost her puppy on Labour Day weekend, he died suddenly and tragically and it has just been so sad in the house. It's hard watching someone you love lose someone they love so much. We'll all miss him, but Sarah will miss him the most, they had big plans and a bright future in the show ring. Here's a small tribute to Sarah's lovely boy, Rhaegar, Afterhours The Night's Watch. Sleep tight, sweet boy.

 This last photo was the last pic taken of him, he died of a blood clot in his brain just a few hours later. He was so happy, he had a wonderful life and we will love him forever.


Debra said...

Beautiful tribute Emma.

Heide said...

Such a beautiful tribute. It is so hard to say bye to our little furry friends.