Thursday, December 29, 2011


Apologies for this photo, the lighting is all 'off' .... Sarah stole my (sorry, BORROWED) my Ott Lite to do some sketching and it hasn't made its way back to my craft room! Anyway, the lighting is awful, BUT, I wanted to show you how to use fabric on a card. This Scottie dog is from some fabric I found in England when I was with my sister, I ironed some interfacing onto the back to make it stiff and to stop the fraying, then I cut out the Scottie. Mono Multi glue seems to have stuck him down to the Vanilla Cardstock nicely. This one is going to my friend who lost her dog over Christmas. So sad :(


Here's a better pic of the fabric. Cute isn't he? 

Carstock is Very Vanilla and Pool Party and the sentiment is stamped in Rose Red to bring out the red roses on the fabric.


jimlynn said...

It's precious and so pretty! Thanks so saying how you did this too. Very cute.

Debra said...

Oh Em! She will love it.

Heide said...

So beautiful fabric. Cute card.

Dawn Marie said...

I love it and need to start using more fabric, one way or another!

Anne Marie Hile said...

Such a sweet card for you friend. it is always so difficult to lose a furry family member. :( That is gorgeous fabric, too. That little Scottie could almost pass for a Schnauzer...and as a Schnauzer-mom, I love that! Such a pretty color combo. Just beautiful! :)