Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm on my Holidays!

Huge apologies for not posting for almost three weeks ~ I'm on holiday in England with my family (having a wonderful time!) This weekend, I'm visiting my sister who lives in the Channel Islands. She's an avid crafter but her number 1 passion is quilting, I'd say number 2 is card making ~ she's bloody good at it too so it's a shame she's always quilting (hee hee).

I think that any crafter, whether it be card making, quilting or .... {insert your craft of choice} ... loves to see where creating occurs. So, as a special treat, I thought I'd share the most wonderful crafting location, in my sister's back garden .... it's heavenly, I think all it needs is a loo and a bed and you'd never have to leave!!!

Here's the front, with Monty her Lhasa Apso, waiting to be let in! And here we are enjoying a cuppa outside!

Here's the view from the front door, there's a roll-out cutting table which converts into a massive cutting area for working on larger quilts. Dad made it for Sarah, it's beautifully made and fits perfectly against the back wall.

Moving to the right, here's the work bench, which wraps around 3 walls and gives a huge working space ~ including a piece which folds up with a gate-leg for an extra work surface (Sarah's relieved that she can also 'hide' the not-so pretty stuff behind it)!

I particularly love the seaside fabric for the curtains ~ very apt as the view from the garden is the English Channel, she's located up on a cliff top in St Ouen and the views are stunning (lucky duck ~ beats my gloomy basement!).

Now, prepare yourself for custom-cabinet ENVY!!! Look at these beauties. Here they are closed, and below you can see them open. Mum, Dad, Sarah and I stopped at IKEA on our way to Gatwick on Thursday and found the hanging shoe storage thingies ~ perfect until she gets her shelving put into the central cupboard (which could take her hubby some time)!

Signing off for now ~ I'm back in the USA next week so hopefully I'll get some stamping done before my ever-growing list is ordered on July 1st from the NEW CATTY :) Can't wait for that!


jill said...

WOWSER!!! I want that room.

Can't wait to see you !!!!

Shabby Horse said...

That is one awesome craft room! I think we all should have one in our yards! TFS

Wendie said...

Looks like heaven,

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