Friday, October 15, 2010

New Club Starts TONIGHT

I am so excited ~ my new Round of 'CLUB' starts tonight! And, as usual, I have only just finished my 3rd project! So all that's left to do is clean the basement, set the tables, prepare the projects, bake a cake and take it to my friend, Elaine who has just had a 2nd operation this week, have a cup of tea with her and Sue, come home, hopefully to find my great friend and SU demo, Dawn Marie, waiting for me, go out for something to eat, hopefully have another great friend Laura join us (have I ever told you how many fabulous girls I've met on SCS?), come home, run Club .... collapse into bed!

Oh, and up at 6.30am to get Sarah to school for her 7.30am PSAT examination!

And people wonder why housewives have NO TIME TO STAMP! Hee hee. Might have something to do with the movie audition I had yesterday in Detroit. I won't say anything about that (unless of course I get the part!!! FAT CHANCE).

Happy weekend everybody!


Debra said...

FABULOUS projects Emma! I love the fall banner. LOVE it.

Laura said...

THe projects are awesome! Holy Cannoli though I read that in my fast talking way and I am tuckered out. Zoom! You have a very full day. I hope it is a lot of fun. I can't wait to see you!

Cathy said...

I love the projects! Have a fabulous day.

MY Inky Fingers said...

Awesome projects, as always! I wish I could be there!

Yes, I used the word awesome to describe your projects! ;)

Heide said...

The projects look great! Looking forward to seeing mine in person. So sad I was not there, we had a great time in CP. Perfect weather and we went on all the Roller coaster!