Monday, June 21, 2010

An English Country Wedding

Last weekend my cousin Antonia married Jon in Gloucestershire, England. We had an absolutely wonderful time sharing their day with them. Here's my sister (in the pink) and me all dressed up!
The reception was at Chavenage House just outside Tetbury in Gloucestershire. The house is medieval (1500s) so is full of character and history, the perfect setting to celebrate a wedding, especially with our string quartet playing on the lawn!

Here are mum, Sarah, Antonia, my sister Sarah and Sophie my niece enjoying the day.

And here's the front of the house at dusk, with the lights from the party inside glowing ... totally blissful!

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Sharon Basel said...

Beautiful photos Emma - looks like you've been having a grand time of it there. I love your bonnet - you'll have to wear that to club! Can't wait to hear more of your trip when you get back to your U.S. home.