Monday, March 29, 2010

Gifts from the MI Mingle

I am exhausted! What a fun, fun, fun weekend! Too much to tell you in one post, let's just say I'm glad I don't have to do a thing today!!!

I wanted to share a few of the gifts I received over the w/end. How gorgeous are they?

Pink Picture Frame from Michelle M (CMUGrad) ~ why, oh why didn't we take a pic of the roomies so I could use it on this gorgeous picture? I'll have to find another good one :)

Butterfly stencilled frame from Debra ~ I love it, Debra, thank you for your friendship and kindness. Love you!

Flower frame from Heide (HeideD) ~ this is so pretty. I'm hanging it straight up as soon as I find my hammer and picture hooks :)

Friends box of chocs from Moe (moebuck) ... chocs are gone now!

Pink Box with 'lace' rim from Robin (MzRobin) ... it was full of choccies and other goodies too which I shared with Sarah, who nearly died laughing when she read on a packet labelled "Pistachio Kernels" ... warning, contents may contain pistachios" ... tee hee.

Dress Card from Lori (Jurick) ~ such a pretty card, love it!

And in this 2nd pic you can see my GORGEOUS teapot book from Michelle (MichelleGoodrich) and my mini milk carton gift from Lorien and the organizers ... they contained mini CADBURY eggs and also a gorgeous keychain which Lorien made.

And last, but certainly not least, look at this fantastic blanket that Michele (Plaid Pony) made for me. It's amazing ... I love it! Thanks girls!

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MY Inky Fingers said...

I'm blushing, still. You are so welcome, and I'm glad you like it!