Saturday, September 12, 2009

All-Girls Road Trip to Regionals

Well, sorry I wasn't around yesterday ... I went on a road trip with some Splitcoast demo pals to the STAMPIN' UP REGIONALS IN CINCINNATI ~ WAHOO. What a total blast we had. I've never been to a Stampin' Up organised event before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I have to tell you that it went WAY above all my expectations, a truly wonderful day full of the latest and greatest Stampin' Up goodies. And, yes, we all got a free stamp set! How fun is that?!

We left on Thursday afternoon and our good friend Dawn Marie drove us in the most fantastic conversion van (or probably, more aptly now called a converSAtion van!!!). All wood interior, leather seats with arm rests, TV ... I tell you, this is the way to travel! We left around 3pm and we were actually on the road for a good 5 minutes before we stopped for McFlurries!!!! No, I'm not kidding! What could be better than ice-cream and girlfriends, really?

Anyway, Dawn Marie did a fantastic job of driving us all down into Kentucky where Tracy navigated us successfully to our Holiday Inn Suite. Super room, 2 King Size beds and a pull-out sofa. There are a few photos of me on the sofa-bed which are not fit for publication ~ let's just say 'What happens in Cincinnati, Stays in Cincinnati' ... bwahahaha.

First stop was to find somewhere for our supper. Debra was aching for a huge steak (have you seen the size of her? Put it this way, the waist of her jeans would fit around ONE of my thighs ... no, I'm not kidding) So we found a great restaurant down on the river-front looking across to the City. Our server Chris very kindly took us out onto the balcony to take pictures!

Here we are! From the left is Tracy, Pony, DawnMarie, me and Debra. Now that was a fun evening! Then it was back to our hotel room where Debra showed us the new SU File Folders (page 169 of the main catalogue). They are just GORGEOUS, I totally passed them over in the book, but when Debra showed us her project, we all decided they'll be on our next order. Here we are playing with Debra's files!

Sorry Tracy, I forgot you had a towel on your head! Hey, at least she washed her hair!!! That's Debra sitting and working hard, me and Dawn Marie. We were so scared to cut the beautiful folders, we made Debra go first and show us how it was done! Pony's missing from this one, she took the photo ... thanks girlie!

Well, the big day finally arrived and we were SO excited. The Duke Energy Centre in Cincinnati is an amazing place. I suppose I've just led a sheltered life, but that place was HUMUNGUS! Here we all are outside Ballroom B waiting for the doors to open ... let me tell you, we almost bashed them down in our excitement!

The day was wonderful, we all sat at huge round tables with our Stampin' Up projects, we listened to Shelli Gardner (our CEO and founder of SU), she was a wonderful speaker, so motivating and such a genuinely nice person. I did tell her that she was, actually, my best friend, she just didn't know it ... and she didn't look at me like I was the moron that I am, she smiled, hugged me and said, of course she knew we were. However, she did walk right past my table at lunch time and didn't say hi, or give me a BFF hug or anything, so she's not much of a Best Friend, now is she!!!! She did, however, graciously allow us to have our photo taken with her {{sigh}} ... we love you Shelli!

That's Tracy, Pony (bobbing down), me, Shelli, Dawn Marie and Debra. Can you see from my expression that I was that crazy, giggly, stalker kind of fan ... so apologies Shelli, I know you will be reading this post because you are, after all, my best friend!!!

Thanks girls for a wonderful, fabulous road trip. You girls are the best ... I'll always remember that journey home where we covered such topics of conversation as:-

Nail polish that changes colour in the sunlight (yes, we really did talk about that!) / Giving Birth (yes, that was just after the nail polish!) / Death / Families / children / Love / Marriage / The Marines / Religion / Politics / Bra fittings / Money / Houses / Cars / Lot Lizards (I never heard of such a thing!) / Sweaty unmentionable men-parts ... well, I admit it was me that brought that up, but hey, it WAS a long journey / but the most memorable was the conversation about our friendship and how lucky we are to have each other as friends. Love you girls! Convention 2010 here we come!


Debra said...

We had a fabulous time. You all are gems. Wow! We did talk about a lot didn't we.

Dawn Marie said...

You are a hoot Emma!!!I had a blast with all of you, and cant wait for another road trip!!!!

Heide said...

Emma, sounds like you had a blast! being with girlfriends is
so much fun, can't wait to hear all about it at club! I need to know what a Lot Lizards is?????

Kim said...

Great photos!

I bet Shelli was trying not to make everyone jealous with your friendship, so that's why she didn't stick around.

Fab-u-lous topics, too.

Vicki (CraftCrazy98) said...

Sounds like you all had a blast. I can't even imagine the conversation that took place ; ) You're such a hoot, Em!

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