Monday, February 25, 2008

Stamping on Fabric

Good Morning! Today I'm showing you something a little different! While browsing Nichole Heady's blog, I read a post where she described how you can use Palette inks to stamp on fabric and the colour holds true and doesn't wash out ... how does she know? She sat on an ink pad in her favourite P.J.s and the ink wouldn't budge no matter how often she washed them!

So, I went to Target to see what I could find to stamp on. My friend Audrey had her first baby when we moved to America almost 7 years ago and just last year she had baby #2 ... both girls ... perfect to stamp for! I bought a plain white T-Shirt for Alice and a baby grow (or Onesie as Americans call them) for Baby Emma who's going to be 1 next week.

This project couldn't have been easier. I saw some tea-towels that Melissa Bickford had decorated with her new stamp set 'Women of Life' so I totally copied her idea! I used Chartreuse, Sunflower and Blush Boudoir Palette inks, all purchased from Papertrey.

I decided that I should stamp my idea on scrap paper first to see how it all fitted together, and then it was just a matter of very carefully stamping on the clothes. Honestly, it's just as easy as stamping on paper, and of course with Nichole's stamps you can see exactly where you're placing the image. Baby Emma's tiny baby-grow seemed a little too small for the full image so I just did the flower heads for her and her big sister Alice can have the full flowers on her matching T-shirt. I think the girls will look great! Audrey, you'll have to send a photo of them wearing their tops so I can post here to show everyone how cute they are!

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abr said...

EMMA I totally love them ahhh so cute I am going to have to try.